Open Dialogue

I was failed, this is just something to come out and say. As a child, I was failed, as a teenager, I was failed, as a young adult I was failed drastically. In turn, I became the product of said failures. This will not be a moment of poetic enthusiasm or a smart way of... Continue Reading →

In Lies

And yet I feel invisible, transparent in all the ways that matter in communication yet when it comes to feeling like I am being complacent, I shine that person that has become opaque when his feelings come to the surface ironic how my heart is on my sleeves, yet no one truly acknowledges it beats... Continue Reading →

Accepted Value

My aspirations and dreams had nothing to do with singing When I was young, writing was the farthest from my mind drawing little houses with grass and a sun in the sky even when it comes down to it, technology was not an inkling I was a blank slate, my fun consisted of imitation karate... Continue Reading →

Garden and Cage

Mind running free and living in perpetuity a garden among the trees and inside I cannot flee for it soars abound and with an abundance of worlds not contained inside of the space of self, this container, this shell my mind travels through the different planes of existence no turbulence jumping from lucidity to awake,... Continue Reading →

Loud Thoughts

Do not mind me, I just want to scream loud as can be, until there is no more breath left in me until my vocal cords screech and crack and bleed until my eyes water, nose runs, and I collapse in need this release should be therapeutic, cathartic to say the least I envisioned my... Continue Reading →


The wind makes it easy to relax the way the sound flows through the trees the peace I feel brings you closer, it attracts you to come to closer, you also feel at ease. With a glass of wine, candles, and incense on the stand the only other source of light I need is your... Continue Reading →

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