I have always thought
that it was about the pain 
the hurt
the anguish
the desperation
that is felt when it came down to the end of it all.  
It always felt like the focus shifted
to where all that matters
was the destruction
and not the build  
The time that was spent bringing things
to come to this created
home from a house and this 
family from two individuals.  
I always thought the beginning meant nothing in the end.  
I was right because when all that has been destroyed
comes full circle and you try to remember the start
all it does is tear you apart
breaking and cracking your heart
I can only imagine
how much the pain causes each person
how much my pain has destroyed parts of me
how much shame has been hidden deep
This I wonder sometimes while I sleep
is there anything more I can do
anything more I could try to keep
you safe
Although it may not be my chore
might not be my burden
my heavy load to carry
I want to take your pain away
but the arms in which you are carried
yet also be those arms that hold you close
hold you tight
hold you near
letting you know that 
I am here
everything is alright
and the sky will soon be clear
Be those arms that melt away the pain
warm you up with comfort
erase all the anguish you felt
and let your heart know it is secure
Wish to be that piece of life that you wished existed
wish to be that eraser
that makes sure on the pages of your life
pain is removed and lifted

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