Letter of Unrequited Love

Hello my dear,

I just decided to write to you and tell you some things that you are already aware of.  Well maybe you choose to forget but I just thought I would remind you.  I care about you and I want you to understand how deeply that works.  It is not just a brief moment of wishing the best for you, it is more of the fact, that all my moments in my day are consumed with hoping for the best for you and your life.  I do not wish to bring you grief or strife, I really wish you would stop forcing it upon yourself.

You may ask what do I mean by forcing it upon yourself, well let me be quite frank with you. You are not perfect and I accept that for what it is, why are you unable to?  I am not looking for you to be the exact thing that people believe to be perfection in the living form, that would bore me and it would not give me the fulfillment I desire.  I love growth, I crave change, and I desire strength from experience and I know you have a great capacity for all of the above.  As it stands right now, I know you have the choice to be a great woman and I wish you would decide to do so; I wish for you to be moved towards fighting for your own happiness.  You deserve everything you desire because you have made mistakes, because of the fact that you are less than perfect, because of the fact that you have faults and flaws and you acknowledge them.

You should understand that my desire for you to be happy is just as strong as your own, you should understand that my desire for you to be my own is doubly strong.  I am writing this to you because I understand you and even more than you already know.  I desire your companionship to show you how much you deserve and how a life of happiness can go as well as introduce you again to the woman you desire to be.  All these things are just a small sample of the conversation I desire to have with you, also the conversation you should have with yourself.  In the end, the way I desire you to grow is the same way you wish for, just tell yourself you truly want it and grab it.

Sincerely yours,

The MAN you deserve



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