Irrelevant Ignorance

I am going to start off by saying
look in the mirror and tell me what you see
look at your children and smile
then come and talk to me
look at the blessings in your life
the way you have been lifted up
taken care of 
grown ahead of those you left behind
and then again
let me know what you see
look inside of yourself and remember
remember those you have inspired
remember those who you dismissed
those who pursued and desired
to be with a part of you
not realizing how much more
there is to you
I want you to remember their pursuits
and then
tell me what that meant to you
And once you take all those moments in
face some important truth
their failure to value
is not the failure of you
You are beautiful
and virtuous
You are intelligent
witty, delightful
and enchanting
in every way
You are powerful
relentless, strong
and able to withstand
so much more than this
Despite those who try to tear you down
remember their desperate attempts
All those moments
you have always excelled
then look back on this pain
take it for what it is
irrelevant ignorance

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