Quick Thoughts

I bet you will be shocked to know
My dreams have you in the starring role
Not as the one who rescues me
Gives me so much more than I wished for
Makes me understand again how much love means
Helps me grow
Introduces me to life
Welcomes me into their heart
The roles are reversed as it appears
I, sledgehammer in hand,  am your hero
Breaking down that wall you keep building
Faster than you can lay the cement
Quicker than it can settle
One conversation at a time
Those kisses that keeps us frozen
Stuck within the moment
I make your movement freeze
By the comfort you receive
Your hand holds back the bricks
Because you hear my honesty
Refusing to merely chip away
Through the bricks and mortar
I rather break through the wall
Take all the pain you used to make it
All at once
Quit wasting time tearing down slowly
I want your love unleashed
And to show you what it means
For it to be taken care of properly.

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