Transparent Introduction

I have taken it upon myself to be the teacher, the negotiator, the mediator, and the counselor.   I have chosen to become that individual who does more good than evil with his tongue.   I choose today to speak life and love into all of those around me even the ones not within my circles.   For those publicly entering my universe, my words aim to serve.  I have been through a lot myself and continue the same through every day but I want to speak to you of triumph and roads through the pain.   Call it what you will but I love transparency, those that feel it a weakness to me believe more in cowardice,  trying to hide themselves in their own secrets and lies.   Believe yourself before you trust the world,  I plan on speaking some truth you never heard.   Hopefully it will be hard to digest and tough to swallow but maybe it will help you put your best foot forward towards tomorrow

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