Explosive Control

How long has it been since someone took control?
Took over your senses, your emotions, your feelings,
Within their hands is the key to your soul
Not the guidance of where you will be headed
But the way that you can be touched and invested
The way you can be charmed and seduced
The way to a new level of pleasure
Creating a new passion inside of you
Those moments where a touch can send chills and fire
Running down your spine
Those instances where a kiss creates weakness
Strength and power all at the same time
You feel you go from questioning your prowess
To understanding how much you are that enchantress
By being shown that someone has that much confidence
The possibilities are endless to what you can accomplish
This level of connection is not taken
It is willfully given
The control is not misused
The advantage is in the manipulation
Yes, those moments where your body salivates
Dripping wet from the anticipation
Exciting and Incredible
Those moments where even just a whisper
Can create an eruption
This level of trust and being in sync creates
Beyond levels of simple growth
These are moments of inspiration

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