Proud to be Present

I am your worst nightmare come to life, I am that piece of black that shows in your dreams when all you search for is light, I am that overpowering presence that makes you fearful when you sleep, my only issue with that is it is based on your fear of who I will become and your inadequacy.

For really what I am is that portrait of strength and dignity and that keeps you aloof, I am that pillar of wisdom and knowledge and that keeps you feeling I am superior to you, I am that enchanter of knowledge and I bestow it upon others, I am that teacher of courtesy and you rather harbor disrespect.  I will show you how you have multiple paths and still allow you to lead and go on your own, whether wayward or not I will always show you the path home, for guidance, love, reassurance, and peace of mind, for comfort, understanding, and a place to always enjoy your time.
And as you continue to grow, I will stand by your side walking through it all with you, whether in spirit or in body, this will always remain the truth, I am that groomer of the soul, I bestow upon you the acknowledgment of real character, I have to thank those who failed to do so as it helped me to show you better.  When the light is dark, I am your knight, and when the sun shines high, I stand back so you can shine your own light.  The first King that a Princess will love, the first King that a Prince dares to become the successor of, my path is to be the groomer of the leaders to come, for being royalty, although still young, leads to being older and great at being one.

A Princess now to become a Queen, a Prince now to become a King, I assist in this endeavor to lead you to that path, I am a father, a teacher, a rock, a dad.  This is just a reminder for my comrades in arms who never give up the fight, raising the generation to come is not something we take light, for since we have been blessed with this position and title, for our children we will always be that fighter.

We are not alone in this task so be present for the fight, the woman was not blessed alone, she should not work solely through this task.  Step up and know that your role is needed and important and needed, one can not be the other, both roles must be completed.  Be there for your own and you can also be that mentor, this is no admonishment, this is purely the truth, we all desire love and time, your child deserves it from you. With great Kings and Queens leading the young, as a whole we can do a great many things, this is showing appreciation to those participating.



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