What is it worth?

I want you to let me know sweetheart
how much is time with you worth
Yes you are enchanting
I can honestly speak that I am physically attracted
You have yet to entreat my mind
yet my body feels like it is
desiring to be active
Yet I still need to know
are you worth my home
the one I have happily built
me and my rib
my love
the woman I cherish and adore
the one who can
and already has given me
so much more
than right now your body can offer
Are you worth my peace
my peace of mind
peace of spirit
and the piece of my character
I will lose
by becoming that cliche
the unfaithful
the lying
the one with secrets
the one who
cannot be trusted
Or maybe you are telling me
that the passion you can give
is worth more than my time
the time I could spend on improving
becoming a better man
instead of being just
a regular man
the stereotypical man
the man expectations are wasted on
the man loyalty is wasted on
Again this is just a point of inquiry
I give you much credit for
your attempt to
seduce me
just let me know
is the hour I spent with you
worth me
losing all of me?

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