Love Spoken in Action

Although she may not speak it at all times
or show you all the signs,
her love for you is fierce
just read between the lines.
Call her and try to hold
a conversation
and if you are lucky
you may hear her voice change
in anticipation
That slight change in tone will
make you feel good
keep up doing all the things
that you know you should
Her love for you is strong
sometimes in the silent and deadly ways
The same as a predator
stalks their prey
just another one of her methods
to fight for you on any day
Most of the time you will never know
about those battles
she handles them on her own
and you will be none the wiser
Her love for you is intense
There will be those moments of admiration
of memories of bliss
whether you are around and sometimes
when you are not
just be very accepting of the
spontaneous affection
whether you know the reason or not
While you supply her attention
provide her with her needs
you are not trapping yourself
you are fueling the fire
Priming the volcano
For when that beauty erupts
you will be grateful that she chose you
The key is to be chosen as her King
we live in a jungle
you should desire a Queen
who trusts you as a leader
who believes you worthy
of all of her love
These Queens fight and show their love
in more ways than we know
remain diligent and accepting
it is a very lonely world
when they go.


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