Fear of Love

You do not want to love me, you think it is what you desire, yet you push me away, want me to go farther and farther, you do not want to love me, you question the ability to love you, you wonder which is more important, to have what you want or wear the other shoe, the one you have been hit with time and time again, the one where you are the one breaking hearts over and over again, where you can stand alone and bask in the glow of your own opulence, the one where you stand alone and all around you there is a fence, or is it a cage, these bars and brick and mortar that you have contained yourself within, the type of walls and prison that you find yourself living in, the type of container that you have always hated, because you were held captive and not living there as a native.  One of those moments where when the key is at your feet, you rather build a wall to separate you from being free.  You do not truly want to be mine, gain your freedom under my dominion, as much as you say I have you, fear truly owns you and for fear you walk the line, as for me, you leave me behind, running the world and giving your care to all others and the scraps might come to me, usually even then you rather retreat than face me, embrace me, engage me to where your heart and emotions are receptive of me, much harder to leave, yet you are forcing on your shoes, receiving blisters and bruises on your feet, trying to walk the path not meant, going barefoot down a glass street.  I am truly not your King, while you live in my house to be adored as a Queen, highest throne you gain, all parts of you accepted and goal is to keep you happily maintained, I am more the pauper than royalty, more of the street rat, correction, I live inside the gutter.  You think it easier and better for you to finally reach a moment of not caring, yet your heart is running towards me and your fear has switched places with sharing, sharing of your heart, emotions, thoughts, and feelings, you do not want to love me because you are afraid of living.

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