Quit or Relent

Ever wondered when it was time to let it go
the passions you felt
the ambitions you once had
the drive you once embraced
when is it time to move on
I made the decision
might be time to give up
on fantasy
on imagination
on the thoughts of fancy
on the belief in fairy tales
in writing out my thoughts
in being an author
the one who puts pen to paper
burn all the drafts
drown all the poems
no messages in a bottle
just shred all the words
remove all the dreams
I have only wished to be a voice
to those who were afraid to speak
to hearts too scared to leap
to thoughts
frightened of the rabbit hole
wondering if it was too deep
for those spiritual connections
that make you believe
For those entities in passing
that give you life
and reprieve
Maybe it is time
time to give it all away
leave everything behind



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