Lack of Sleep

It starts with a feeling
a simple knowing of a presence
then comes the immediate fear
the confusion
the tensing of muscles
the straining of them follows
the constriction continues
the straining becomes worse
maybe a jerk or two
maybe a shake or three
more intense constriction
eyes openly frantically
searching for the oppressor
finding nothing
another jerk
another shake
tighter constriction
the sound of wings flapping
close by the head
right by the ear
nothing else heard
no longer able to open eyes
no longer able to jerk
the pressure begins
hard upon the chest
“Our Father….”
the pressure intensifies
body begins to shake
the inside of the soul starts to tremble
“….let thy will be done…”
full tremors now
brain ceases to understand what is being attempted
“….and forgive those………”
black out…
Rise from the position
heart racing
chest tightened
breath shortened
mind resuming
“….but deliver us from evil…”

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