A Yearning Talent

For most they have dreams
destiny and fate that they seek
for others
it is ripped away
stolen from them in a moment
and they are left
feeling weak
Those who grow up realizing they are unacceptable
in their mind
they no longer exist to those around them
so they seek out favor
by growing in behaviors
that merit attention
hoping that with the intervention
of excitement
and appreciation
that inclusion
with follow
so we learn to sing
we learn to dance
we learn to act
we gain strength
we gain coordination
we can endurance
we gain speed
the ability to jump
the ability to flip
the ability to write
the ability to speak
and speak in a manner
in which we are heard
it is not that we did not have a voice
the voice we owned
was not listened to
was ignored
My writing did not begin
due to the inability or lack of desire to speak
it began out of the necessity to be heard
and be heard in beauty
sometimes the truth of talent is right in our face
it comes from the depths of our soul
from God
from that untouchable place
that place where He says to us
“live and grow outside of these walls”
walls that society built around us
walls that peers
the lack of friends
pain, struggle, and abandonment
created for us
sometimes the reason
why someone can be good at so many things
is because they are seeking
to be encouraged
to be accepted
to be loved
and most of all
they are still seeking
their dream.



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