Darkness to Light

Verbally I am just spilling my guts
letting it all fall out
releasing what all spew in my mind
this pain in my stomach
this tightness in my chest
this white that covers my eyes
this pounding in my head
all symptoms of a broken body
a shell of a man
shattered heart
failing kidneys
pierced liver
deflated lungs
love broken and destroyed
pain in trying to stand tall
unable to filter out the madness
struggling to breathe through it all
metaphor on top of analogy
and you find within it
my poetry
these stairs I walk up to and pause
I rather sleep outside of the memories
of my bedroom walls
too much I felt within that small space
feels like sleeping
lying in the bed
is the same as a water
washing my face
a place of peace
is just another reminder
that no one fights for me
no one stands for me
not only am I an orphan as a child
no mother, no father after a short while
I am an orphan in life
always feeling like I should disappear
into the night
I break my back for those I love
those who came into my life
from past reincarnations
I fight and keep fighting
even when they never threw a punch
and when it is all said and done
I am the one
and bruised up



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