The Levels

You deserve more than just the
beginning of thoughts
of romance
you deserve more than the start
of what should be passion
let me wash your feet and your hair under a waterfall
kiss your body while you receive a massage
you deserve more than conventional
more than traditional
you deserve to tell your friends
what is the new standard
of being swept off your feet
a mix between what some might call
old fashioned
we can add in a little of the
new age appeal
you deserve to experience love
from all the eras
at their finest hours
songs created for you
not blasting through a boom box
heard from your window
more like
whistling through your window
the piano keys
the microphone
the lyrics from a song written for you
the lyrics that happen to have
flown in your room
Have your moment at a poetry night
becoming not only the object of attention
but becoming in an essence
the portrait on the canvas
spoken word
and artistry all in one
dedicated to you
with you as the subject
how would you like to become fine art
while listening to the arts
not just becoming a book dedication
but the main exhibit in an gallery opening
Just a couple of small ideas
from a picnic in the park
to dinner on a loft balcony
from breakfast in bed
to taking care of illness at bedside
you deserve more than just the beginning
you deserve continuity
from start to finish



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