Wrong All Along

At the start I will apologize if you do not enjoy

yet I will take the truth and spill it forth

despite all the clichés given out, why not admit another

if the lady goes on to find her great one

maybe the truth is I have consistently been

the wrong one

with all the love quotes

all the love talk

people speak on how it did not work with one

because of being destined for another

of course more favor goes to the woman

I have been purely always the wrong man

it is possible I can never be the right one

From failed engagement to those fighting to even care for me

wrong again and again

I appreciate the effort of my friends

to tell me that is their loss and more words of comfort

yet let us accept the truth of that double-edged sword

her being wrong for me

just means also I was wrong for her

and many others



One thought on “Wrong All Along

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  1. Man, you have slapped the taste out of my mouth, and yet filled it with sweet truth. I am glad someone else feels the same way I do. Yet I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone…..


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