Entrance Exam

Upon seeing you I had a few singular thoughts

pretty smile, nice hair, sexy body, beautiful eyes

upon first conversation then the choices had to be made

how to manage the pursuit

is it even worth the attempt

If I feel no connection at all

why do I keep on with this conversation

If I feel it being purely sexual tension

can I present that proposition

speak plainly and state

this will go no where as a real relationship

we should just take advantage

of the animal attraction

would that response be respected?

would it be taken seriously?

How often do people really want to check off


How honest do you really want someone to be when they approach you?

That chivalry that impressed you in the first two minutes

would you really require it to remain if you only think sex

would you state that yourself?

I know we all have our checklist of desires



characteristics that create attraction and anticipation

How do you determine in the beginning if you can progress

be good friends that become lovers

be those individuals who only are lovers

misled by one another in the sense

that the real level of the relationship is unknown

are we friends, lovers, on the path to partners

or will we create a situation that eventually


what is on your list?

how do you judge who you allow



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