Biggest Fan

A lot of dreams and aspiration, a lot of thoughts and wants

desires and hopes, passions and just talents

I want you to embrace as much that makes me who I am

Jack of All Trades I have been deemed from time to time

Jane to my Tarzan I desire, cheering my fight on from the trees

While I write, edit me, encourage me, review me, brutally honest

is something I need as a guarantee

whether singing, speaking, writing, or teaching through verse and voice

be the one who always stands by my side to pick me up as I fall

that one I do not have to feel like it is a court case for support

or appreciation

making my case in court proceedings with a non guilty plea

just for you to give me possible unwarranted support and interest

in who I am, what makes me who I am, the talent and the failure

bring me up and look out for what I do next

amazing how people can be the biggest fan for someone who will never

reciprocate it

not a problem here, I am always the biggest supporter to my lover


do I have to be famous, rich, and powerful for you to be my fan?

While fame might not be my goal

to be rich in the purest moments in life

and powerful enough to protect those I care about

I desire those, your support assists with that

Just stating facts

we all need our biggest fan

I have no problem with admitting it



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