Wake Up Call

War fought inside the same lines

still killing ourselves

crying we losing lives

wake up and stand for one thing at least

quit falling for too many others

we are already prey to be policed

Executions rain down

heavy like all the tears

from mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters

yet we continue to separate each because of fear

of what the next man will do

or what the next man wants from you

genocide or homicide

you act as if you are scared to improve

too many enemies we have on our sides

our brothers and sisters are born with the abundance of pride

we have to struggle to become great

we have to consistently remember to pray

for peace and clarity, for direction and guidance

for safety and health, it is an always spoken alliance

we have always depended on our faith to help us along

we should also add in one another into this powerful song

strength in numbers

power in understanding

too many sunsets have passed

moving and screaming with the sunrise

that is the bell that we need to ring

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