Laugh Out Loud

Social media is hilarious with the way it relies on cliches and memes

the same woman touting that you must have money to pursue another

will be the same one agreeing that a good woman stands by her man

while he grows from having nothing to having it all

People spray inaccuracies from the top of their lungs

“There are no good men”

“There are no good women”

yet the one who has been by your side the longest

stood by your side the strongest

and held you down when times were the hardest

is more overlooked than the truth of yourself that you evade

People desire the most in life with the least amount of real effort

The “Hustle” now involves the next person’s struggle to survive

While one person makes it look easy for wealth

the other person ability to survive is damaged to death

we destroy the other person’s credit and credibility for gain

and then we wonder why our elders are ashamed

not just of the state of this country

this governed body is mass killings, discrimination and prejudice abound

but the fact that we are grounded, stuck, and standing around

There are those moving

those doing more than the rest

Yet to some all they are is a link, something to show agreement

yet not support in the physical, never so much as look up info for an event

Yet this is where we are………where we stand…… we live…..

few keystrokes and camera flashes at a time……

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