Restless Nights

Covers thrown across the bed, pillows in disarray

Sitting up and staring at the walls

feeling the cold chill from the other side of the bed

wishing you were near me right now

if to do nothing but hold you tightly

kiss you lightly

love you passionately

or just lay in your embrace

feel your heartbeat on my back, on my chest

resonating with my own

waking up in the morning to create a breakfast for two

or rather waking you up to my breakfast of you

then the breakfast for you

have a smile on your face as you roll out the bed

from the ecstasy on your face as we rolled around in the bed

I wake up with a sweet tooth

before getting some rest I am thirsty

and my chocolate goddess

is the only thing to satiate this hunger, this thirst

momentarily at least……




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