Hard working woman

children, career, education, and drive for much more

I appreciate you, I adore you, I admire you far more than you know

Your smile lights up my world even if you do not know

Your joy and determination fuel my desire to grow

Your strength of character make me just want to show

all the appreciation that I can towards you

whether acknowledged or dismissed

you are the epitome of strength

Diligent and driven

good sir, keep persevering

we have many ceilings that we must break through

I applaud you for doing your best to make a mess

as you pass through

shake up the foundation, crumble the floors

make the paint peel, tear the roof completely off

obtain your goals and keep striving for more

we are the ones pushed back simply by existing

unnatural fear or innate sense of jealousy for our potential

whichever it may be, aspire to be more than the stereotypes

continue being the shining example that needs more light

and I just figured I should give you both a little shine…..

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