Again and Again

He tries
in the midst of all his pain
He tries
in the midst of confusion of self
abuse to the brain
to the soul
to the heart daily
stress that makes his body ill and his spirit low
He tries
and once again
He fails
again and again
He fails
chances given to him time and time again
time and time
time and time
and yet he continuously fails
no longer looking to the outside to see the problem
looking inward to find out
what is wrong with him?
why is he pushed so much out of people’s lives?
why has his pain been the reason he was deserted as a friend?
why is his pain the reason he can’t have that person to depend on?
why is his pain and his views, the reason he is never understood?
Being different has become his handicap
maybe he should conform to the views of society
become the machine that is just another part of the multitude
Why put yourself forward when you are always forcibly rejected
and with the anger and frustration of others
you also feel dejected
I am humble
I am not the absolute
the ultimate
the truth
I am not perfection
I am incredibly flawed
and punished for it
my life and myself are not so easily viewed or understood
what may be the case for most
is never the case for me
what may be the answer for many
is still the question for me
and what may be the truth to the majority
is only a glimmer of the true light to one


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