Three cheers for you, even more when you are not looking and unaware.  When you are sleeping, I smile, when you are awake, I have to turn away just so you do not always catch me smiling.  Proud is not enough of a word, I am amazed by the progress you have made in this world.  This is the growth and use of potential that I am always enamored with when I see it within possible partners, I am beyond speechless at times at how great you have become my daughter.  I love how you have taken the challenge of a new situation and made it into a great victory on your part, excelling in school, becoming even more exemplary in social settings, I commend you for doing a great job in life.   It might sound subtle when it comes from me, do not be offended or worry just because I have a calm demeanor.  Despite it all, I am proud of you and congratulate you.


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