Even though these words will not be heard, hopefully in reading, the message can be delivered.  Women are not usually the ones for these type of reflections, at least not honestly; men this is what we invented, the moments when we look back and realize what we lost because of what we lacked.  We should not miss each other because we have lost what we had, we should miss each other because we are out of one another’s company awaiting the moment to be back in each others arms.  I miss the feeling of passion held while kissing your lips, while holding you tight, while taking picture after picture of us just being happy in life.  For myself, I was told I have more joy on my face than seen before in those pictures, I miss being able to show that to the world and knowing you were the reason.  I miss being able to lay together watching movies, television, or just talking for hours on end.  As tired as I would be the next day, I enjoyed learning more about you and feeling like we became closer and we were starting a new begin.  The beginning of more conversation, more open communication, more honesty, more trust, more dedication to what we are building; I would enjoy those conversations because it allowed me to hear you as you.  No filter, no walls, nothing hindering your mind or your words, just you being genuine.  I loved that the most, I miss it the most, I want it back the most.  We are two different individuals this is true, yet the similarities we have should be what we strive to remember and our differences we strive to understand.  I miss you and I miss us.


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