Union of 1

It is one of those scenarios that are always present yet never talked about.  The purpose or the intent to go after what you believe you desire yet the actions and the words to show that you have no desire for it at all.  People get caught up in rage and aggression so much that they forget the words said moments earlier of forgiveness, remorse, and love.  While we pick fights, we destroy safety and build more walls; we tear down the ones that create peace and put up more that create discord.  It is not easy to love towards those who tell you that your heart does not matter; your words do not matter; essentially that you as an individual to them do not matter because you oppose their thoughts, their desires, and their selfish concerns.  Relationships are not about self, they are to be about being in a union with someone and proceeding forth to create an even deeper bond and after the fights and the arguments, the strongest resolution.  We are to be resolved within one another that our words flow with respect and love, that our actions exemplify the respect shown to the relationship whether seen or unseen; that we are accountable to one another as we are dedicated to the betterment of one another, not the destruction of each other.  We should battle each other in practice and eliminate our issues so that when the real struggles come we are united as one.  If instead, the fights do not involve compassion, understanding, respect, and honor then the union itself is devoid of very primary factors.  Should not be a surprise that most individuals have a disbelief in trust, knowing in their hearts they are in a relationship with a single heart.  Stating commitment loudly with their mouth being boastful and boisterous yet with their actions, silent, the announcement of commitment is absent.  If your union is solely focused on you, then what needs are you fulfilling for your mate? If that question makes you think too long, then that tells me it might already be too late.


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