#31daypoem Day 7

Introduction into the business of intensity
we could possibly be that flame too hot to touch

First impressions of passion and desire for change
the wild beast that forsakes the thought of being caged

While we take addictions and past fears and doubts hand in hand
we struggle with moving forward through all sinking sand

Intimately we dive into each other’s subconscious
forcing one another to see the world just as vicious

Take the time to listen more, eyes open, ears and heart clear
lending more than just a simple ear

In those moments of full vulnerability, walls all the way down
it is important that we make that moment feel like home.

The goal should be to separate from the rest of the world
when stress and pressures affect our words

That is when we allow more grief to reside than need be
getting into pointless arguments that are hard to cease

The lack of recognition of self just to get off a quick jab or poke
yet what does this help us being together, turns joy into smoke

Floating away in the air, a mist, prior happiness now a fog
mind clouded by anger and aggression, getting plump as a hog

Except we are on the chopping block, ready for the slaughterhouse
our once peaceful moment marred and we are paying the cost

This is tiresome, draining, we should be the remedy for one another
not the reason there is more of a problem, and becoming the bother

Let us wake up from the pain, the stress, the agony of thought
let us hold each other with unclouded minds and talk

Before we speak through the madness of the world, retreat
retreat into our minds, does this come from love, pain, or defeat

Are these words meant to make us feel like we win
Are these words meant to continue the relationship in a downward spin

Out of control, a tornado loop of aggression against action that is continued
shown to be happening from the accuser yet those are not reviewed

Conversation about issues should not be an accosting
should be about listening, learning, understanding, then forgiving

If issues are to be resolved, hypocrisy should not lead out front
speaking about dual included matters, and removing your own participation

My day is filled with thoughts of intimacy, affection, and passion
I rather spend my time diving into you more and more than my occupation

Timelines set, deadlines set, I rather focus on making the present the best
no need to worry about reaching a date when we are already taking care of the rest

Focusing on enjoying and building the best bond between us right here and now
no worries about if a future is to come, or issue after issue, live in love as we know how



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