Closed Minds and Hearts

Love is more than emotion

It is choice

It is knowledge

It is an understanding

It is learning

It is more than just a passing notion

I am loved more as an idea

More so than me for my individuality

My actions towards others are adored

The adoration does not translate

To the acceptance of myself

Always wrong

Always inadequate

Considerably less than sub par

At least that is the impression given off

My existence is hardly ever touching the bar

Raised and held in high esteem by those previous

But I’m supposed to believe in forever

The one always on the less than side of comparison

The smallest integer

The negative far beyond the previous zero

Unsure of how that adds up.

to happily moving forward?

3 thoughts on “Closed Minds and Hearts

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  1. I feel this exact sentiment. I have cried over not feeling or being “enough,” and yet the next woman becomes that guy’s “everything.” Hearing “it is not your time” or “he wasnt the one” or “be patient” doesnt negate the blow. So inward I draw. How do we cope with grasping at straws, hoping to find what we have read about, heard about, but are rarely allowed to experience as we steadily come up empty in a match where the same winners triumph? “Love is a losing game,” a songwriter once wrote (I heart the Amy Winehouse cover), and maybe we are foolish to continue believing…. or, we are far stronger than we imagine, and may yet live to see the love that makes up stories…
    *hugs to you, SJG*

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  2. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes you can feel these ways because of comparisons while being with someone or not, the best thing you can do is just celebrate yourself internally and focus on what makes you the person you are. Hopefully someone will recognize it.

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