89 Posts

This will number 89, very close to 100, but not quite there.  I have not been writing lately, call it a block, call it what you will, truth of the matter is, I do not believe I have your ears.  There are those of you who will say, “get it out, whatever you feel, yell it from the rooftops, let me know it is real”; then there are those who will say, “why do you waste your time, intelligence is not your gift, writing is not your calling, let it go, should have never began”.  There is truth in both statement, what I say will always be real, it will be exactly how I feel; however, I believe as well I should have never began.

This started from pain, pain of loss, losing my mother, then it became a comfort, something used to attract others, and heal even more.  Yet I need just as much of the healing myself.  I am broken, torn apart, down and low to the ground, I need uplifting, encouragement, support, and strength.  It takes all that I have to keep pushing forward, I need assistance to make these leaps and bounds again.

I will look to others for inspiration and light.


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