Dear Perspective

I find it interesting that the post template says “share your story” but how many of you would read it openly.  Watching television earlier showed me some very interesting concepts and many of them coincided with my own personal thoughts and philosophies.  There were others that I felt I should learn yet I don’t implement them at all because I’m just as exhausted as he is. I am, for a lack of better words, exhausted in my body, mind, and soul.  There is something draining to know that your experiences and feelings are always a problem.  That ticking time bomb of emotion that is met with a defensive wall of prior consequence that has nothing to do with the present but is a creation that has been given strength over the years from the past.  At this point a structure that shows no mercy unless an envoy is sought out; however, due to my genetic nature, a speaker for me is not available. 

This is called dear perspective due to me asking for assistance in mine being viewed as important right now versus just more ammunition towards all the things that are perceived to be wrong with me.  With only one individual being the priority in a relationship, that same person always the one being wronged never the one out of line, where is there room for me to dwell.


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