Why Are You Here

If how I feel doesn’t matter, if how I feel by things you have done or said doesn’t matter, if it’s stupid for me to share my interests with you, if everything about money is a contradiction, if I’m so wrong in all these facets all the time, why are you here?

This person you do not understand, do not wish to understand, what good are they to you other than what they have done for you? What amount of love actually exists for someone you don’t get at all, don’t know at all, don’t understand their emotions at all?

Because they feel something it is too dramatic, too emotional, too insecure, too jealous, and in everything that they do or do not do, you are always the victim, you are the one always bring wronged, so why are you here?

Has this person done anything right in your eyes ever? Any words you can remember of pride and praise? Anything about them as an individual ever make you happy? If they are always such a problem and nothing positive since every situation they have “never” done one thing or the next thing, why are you here?

Why stay where you say you’re not wanted, not loved, the person doesn’t care, doesn’t praise you, tell you they love you, show or accept your affection, are much too different from you for you to understand, doesn’t like the same music or entertainment, very little in common with them, you don’t feel accountable to, and I’m sure their list goes on and on yet you don’t leave and haven’t? Why are you here?


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