Bottled Release

I scream and I scream internally and externally

I yell and fight, explicit words run off my tongue like water

yet when it is all said and done

there is no change, there is no silence, there is only more and more

more screaming

more yelling, more crying, more fighting, more disgust

more of all of this being contrite

these arbitrary displays of intense anger and frustration

perpetuated situations of complaining about the world yet

none of these cries change my position

It is always a question of expression

why not? when? what inspires? Where does it come from?

When there is no one listening to the world around them

it is always a reason to shout out loud, there is always a reason to cry

to moan, to want, to scream, to yell, to spread the sound from rooftop to ground

this world we live in creates the beast, the same one we have lived with since before

our inception

we are initially born into sin as they call it, the handiwork of the devil himself

anger, wrath, attraction, lust, jealousy, envy, ambition, greed,

vanity, pride, hunger, gluttony, procrastination, sloth

all deep down inside

Right now I want to tear out my hair, rend every garment and lay awaiting the sun

on the outside you see silence and a stoic presence

on the inside, there is no method to the chaos



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