Silent Screams

I have kept quiet consistently because pointless arguments yield no growth, those moments where you fight and all it becomes is a you versus me, who is more right or more wrong which is pointless.  In no situation does it matter who is more wrong than the other, the only important piece of the puzzle is understanding the emotion of the other person.  There should always be a mirror in front of you and that is how all arguments should be looked at, you are expressing out loud your grievances and how you feel while looking at yourself and acknowledging where you come into play.  People will continue doing the same actions that ruined their previous relationships because they blame the other person and never look at self.  All actions should not be justified simply because it is you doing the action.  There is no justification granted for those who hurt you so why should you be separated from that same criticism.  Those who love as hypocrites in their relationships then live in the same manner create the same situation over and over and wonder why everything ends the same.  They feel no different, they learn no positive reinforcement, it all was a waste.  

In these moments I love being a man, I will always be wrong, always be the one with the blame, never the one who should be pursued even if I am hurt, it is never the woman that comes back to the man to ask for forgiveness and another chance.  The irony is in today’s society as much as black men at l have a target on our back soon as we walk out the house, we get one on our chest soon as we walk in the house.  We are supposed to feel encouraged and uplifted by our women, by our sisters, yet in the end they are sometimes our biggest antagonist.  This will be dismissed by some as just a bitter man talking, yet no one will stand up for me when my mouth and lips are bleeding and she’s standing tall with no scars.  


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