Denied yet True

I am going to let out a cat that has lived in a bag of stigma for years, the same bones that live within the closet that people just keep putting the broom beside, skeleton staring them in the face everyday yet they ignore it, keep it locked up in the dark, refusing to brush off the dust and bring it to the light.


can have severe depression and deep emotional pain.

Yes I know, shocking news to hear but this is true.  The sad truth is that it is a disbelief to where when it finally reaches the boiling point or even reaches the end of the race by suicide, it always comes off shocking than regrettable.  The understanding of men by their partners especially of the opposite sex and masculine friendships is extremely damaged and to the point of complete destruction.  The ridicule of people being “in their feelings” or “being a female” has become so concrete it has created an even larger fear in the community of having emotions.  Young men are being taught to hold back their emotions when it comes to pain, hurt, or anguish but encouraged to show those emotions when it comes to anger, aggression, and disgust.  Better to teach someone the world already sees as a savage to be the monster they already see you as than the one who stands out among the rest.  Instead of teaching higher thought processes and more internal observation and learning, the steps to creating the new leaders and those that stand in front of opposition and criticism with pride and strength; the young men are being taught to be just like the next one, be the same, lack true individuality.

And with that, men are taught do not cry, do not show emotion, do not show true caring, make sure your “boys” do not see it, hold it all in, let that anger out on the person who crossed you, get revenge, seek only to satisfy yourself at all times and more and more.  No one takes a step back and looks at the way that people are being raised to be even more selfish than we are already wired to be and then wonder why there is a huge lack of understanding between men and women.  A woman who appreciates a man being vulnerable with her is appreciated and exalted as a commodity because she is.  Our men are being desensitized and our women are being told that independence is more important than femininity.

I have no problem admitting, I am depressed, I am sad, I am hurting and I feel alone.  I survived from being a statistic and now as an adult just feel like I am that much closer to the next hashtag.  Maybe I will never make that dramatic impact on the world, more like a pebble in the river of time, just thought it should be known, there are a lot of men that are not held back because of pride.  It is from poor teaching or none at all.



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