Fonder Heart

I miss good conversation, where I am able to listen and speak just as freely

I miss those moments of feeling accepted and embraced

I miss intimate moments of vulnerability and safety

I miss feeling like I had the world even if it was only in the four walls of a room

sometimes feeling like you belong somewhere is the greatest empowerment needed

I miss feeling good enough about a situation that laughing was medicine

I miss feeling like joking and enjoying each other was not temporary

I miss the feeling of not worrying about yelling and screaming

redundant arguments over perpetual habits that show no yield to change

I miss feeling like love is really just that, love

a great experience giving me life and joy

something that I felt I was missing in my life

not wondering where does it fall into play in my life

I miss being accepted as a man and treated as such

respected as such

even attempts to be understood as such

someone having my back and supporting me and wanting to stand by me

as their man, as their partner, as the person they love

I miss being in love

that feeling of elation consistently when thinking of your mate

I miss being loved

unfortunate it cannot be described

when you feel it, you just know

when it is gone, it hurts you every single moment

I miss you, I do

despite my best efforts that go unappreciated

all those misjudged actions and overlooked struggles

not for me and mines, but for you and yours

the emotional terrorizing

the verbal and physical antagonizing

I still do

I miss feeling like I am someone positive

miss feeling like the relationships I have strained

with once friends, children, and family

have been worth some great goal at the end

I do, I do miss you

I miss feeling truly loved more






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