Optimistic Desires

Just the desire to hear the words

I apologize, I am sorry, I know I hurt you

starts the beginning or hopefully the rekindling

whether accepted or not

this is wanted, this is yearned for, this is desired

why is it always the opinion that men are never hurt

we are never the ones desiring a resolution

the catch phrase there are more fish in the sea

negates the fact that there was a lot of work

a lot of time and feelings that go into fishing as they say

why would we just want to let this one get away

despite the thoughts that we are always in the wrong

that is not always the correct song

the fat lady sings a tale of lies, deceit, betrayal, and disrespect

the fat lady sings multiple instances of her ballads

does not always mean it is always the man being destructive

maybe he is the one in the most pain

strained and bothered, hurt and torn apart

purely hoping for understanding

for some caring, compassion

for love

there are no automatic saints in relationships

there are no automatic sinners

there are men who cannot sleep

eat or function when their heart is breaking

maybe it is never said or listened to

my heart is broken and I am telling you

it does not take someone moving on

for a man to admit where he is wrong

just because that is what is shown on media and TV

that is not all there is to see

have you ever truly looked into the eyes of your partner

and seen their pain

allowed yourself to feel it as if your own

the real men who put their heart on the line

this is where we live

in our eyes

while Stern and stoic

possible looks of irritation and anger

look past the superficial

what is the cause

why would we not be angry

when we are giving out all

and yet punished for what the past did

previous actions and demands

throwing their fist and forcing their commands

and we walked towards danger

just to lend you a helping hand

women may remain bitter

and wish the worst

or lose all caring at all

anxious to pay

it all back when it comes their way

sometimes men too

take it out on the next one

then sometimes both

it is not about the next one

no thoughts of more fish appease anything

sometimes what we want more than the world

to come home to a loving smile and a kiss

a real hug that says I am sorry I love you

to hold you in our arms and make love

stop the war stop the fighting stop the yelling

just end all of that

be told that it is okay we can start again

and then shown that

despite what anyone may tell you

we want to believe in your word

being your Bond as well

ironic as it sounds

majority of what men need

we will never find otherwise

that backbone, that support, that comfort

that dedication

all that which we seek

we can never provide ourselves

it is not about the cooking, cleaning, keeping of house

that is an added bonus

that is security

that is making a home

that is the feeling of not being alone

when your immediate wants and needs are cared for

that is love

trust and believe me when I say

men really do want to feel this way

when we are hurt we want to be understood

not right

when we are defeated and attacked by the world

and demons among it

we want backup we want support

someone pushing us forward when we feel we cannot

go on

we need that backbone

that initiative to say

‘baby I love you’

and show it consistently with actions

if we do not hold back with you

we want to see the same reaction

I could go on and on for days

shouting from the rooftop my wishes

my hopes

my dreams

my inner desires and list them

but through it all

the wise men know

action that moves on its’ own

is worth so much more

never can you make someone change

never can you make someone love you

whether properly or even at all

love is always a choice

one that is made without us involved

everyone chooses their own terms

with how to express or withhold their love

as optimistic as the heartbroken man

may be

he is in even more pain

wise of the fact of what was

may once again never be.


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