I sit back and wonder sometimes on my own

Especially at hours like this

Why do people go against their intended actions?

Even if misunderstood or misconstrued

They lack to accept responsibility of self

My actions are my own and will always be that way

My feelings and my thoughts along with that

I need to make sure I stay in line with my desires

And hold myself accountable when I drift away

When I meet you and gain your interest

I want to learn more about you and your life

Due to me wanting to be a real part of it

Not just a visitor that plays with your heart

Choosing my own peace and happiness

I want to rebuild myself anew and increased

Not just for my own justification and joy

I am looking to be the best man I can be

To a great woman I have yet to meet

This is not a knock against anyone I know

The truth of the matter is

We have yet to meet

Because each other we do not truly know

While you may not know the great woman you aim to be

While I might not know the great man I claim to be

Soon these two will meet

I would be lying if I did not say I hope sooner than later

I enjoy the attraction that I have for you

I just want to dive more into it

And with honesty and diligence

The only thing I intend to have in life

Is happiness

I desire to know more about you

And be a light in your life

Learn and understand more about you

Hopefully in turn make you happy

Inside my own life I want the same

To make myself happy

Learn and understand more about myself




And excel


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