Safe Haven

Just wanted to go off of some words spoken to me earlier that I take and appreciate

for it is always a pleasure to learn more about how a person feels

this is a privilege that not all are able to enjoy

so I show I appreciate it even more by hopefully opening this door

I love how a Queen can already know she has a castle

shows that she understands her worth

shows that she is not willing to just deal with the hassle

of any individual who comes to disturb her peace of mind

means that you need to present yourself as not a waste of her time

that safe haven that you call home should not be the only dwelling of such

while it does not have four walls for your physical self

please understand that any feelings or emotions you share with me

are understood, considered, protected and well-kept

away from any intentional hurt or harm that might come their way

because it is not only important to desire to know more about you

but more so that I am listening to what you have to say

what you share with me is locked up tight in a safe

whether your thoughts or emotions, I consider it precious in every way

so thank you again for the opportunity to learn more and more

I appreciate the desire and hope to obtain more

hopefully in due time I can be that security and quiet from the storm for you as well

then maybe for you my heart can be a home


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