Taking My Time

Real hard to say what to do

truth be told, I know I only want you

I enjoy what I know

I find intrigue in the learning

the desire to delve more into understanding

I admire the appreciation

I could easily turn this around

make this a selfish thought and path

but truth be told I would rather pace myself

have these moments of curiosity

turn into deeper thoughts of wanting me

hoping we will both break out these shells

truth be told I feel we mesh well

just going to keep my best foot forward

show you my diligence

show you that there is no pretense

no games to be played

just looking at life like the page

of a book that turns to a brighter chapter

I am glad you already have joy

I just want to make you happier


One thought on “Taking My Time

Add yours

  1. I love this. Time reveals all things, and it is wise to take all the time you need. Let the savory taste of newness and enjoyment rest a little before determining anything. You’re such an anomaly in this world.

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