I want to bring up a subject that people live in fear of

being open and honest with themselves and especially

those that they care for

yet the fear is a self-created cycle of pain and excuses

if you have been told that love is yours

why run away from it first?

Sometimes people tend to ignore the obvious in front of them

the lack of honesty creates distrust

the lack of communication creates misunderstanding and fights

the lack of affection creates the seeking of it elsewhere

does the pattern make sense now?

If you are tasked to be forthright and honest with your emotions

this is delegated to you as something needed for progress

why would you believe that forward movement can be made

when you will not take the first step?

We all fear failure

We all fear rejection

We all want to be successful and accepted for who we are and how we feel

whether good or bad

we desire to be accepted and acknowledged

If I am not the first to say this to you

I will say this to you now

I appreciate you sharing your feelings with me and will always


take them into consideration and hold them dear

for progress

each side needs to be heard and understood

if one person takes that leap of faith into unknown territory

either you jump with them and you two explore together

or they will be alone

and in turn so will you

for their desires were presented to you and you did not reciprocate

your desires were not presented and therefore cannot be acknowledged

what good is the fear of transparency

when that fear creates the lack of intimacy

the lack of trust, the lack of acceptance

the lack of substance in any relationship



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