Beauty of Art 

There is contemporary wisdom that will tell you

Music is the key to the soul

Yet there is more than just one doorway

The eyes have always held this esteem

So let me tell you other means

We can see the world in many lights

Unfortunately people tend to see a lot of black and white

I rather focus on where we should stand together

the fact that we both share beating hearts

the fact that we both have emotions, hopes, dreams and desires

we all can find enjoyment in the simple things

find frustration in those issues that complicate life

unless it is by choice we would rather be understood than argue

rather know moments of peace and less grief than constant struggle

we all want to live and be happy

just a little of this is why I sought out music first

poetry next

expression and spoken word followed

the peace of experiencing life in its’ purest form

just existing among the trees, staying quiet and still

listening to the music and language inside the breeze

just take a step back from your own pain

realize that there is cleansing in the rain

and that there is the beauty of life all around in your heart



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