Apparently I am pretty smart, maybe in a way more than others, I have some wisdom to give, something to spread to this world, something to give and divulge unto the masses. I could be someone great, known to speak to hundreds, maybe even thousands and move more hearts towards the pursuit of knowledge and above all else, peace. Not just peace of mind, but that inner peace of your spirit, your soul, the pieces of you that remain even if you doubt they do, I know some of you do. It is scary to believe in more than just the physical, the presence that lives in front of you and what you can see and touch, trust and believe, more than just your faith, there is your soul that needs filling. It can be draining just to live life, live it on your own, or in the company of many who make you feel alone. As you go through your life, you will be drained, you will need to filled, whether that comes from your faith, your belief, your heart, your soul, your joy, your happiness, your growth, your learning, there needs to be a moment when you as a person and the waters within you run over. Could be I am one of those individuals with the means to fill others, could be I am one to uplift those around me, could be I just need to be uplifted first, that I can guarantee has happened, very possible that I am just looking to be inspired before becoming the inspiration itself…..maybe…..tell me what you see.


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  1. It is also possible that you get inspired by inspiring others. Not mocking you at all. Just food for thought. There are people out there who gain from doing for others. If its knowledge, self esteem or even pride for what you have done.

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  2. I am not sure why, but it does not show my previous comment. I said maybe you are inspired from inspiring others. People usually gain from helping others, by gaining knowledge, inspiration, and even pride from helping others.


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