Vivid Dreams

Riding in silence


the cruising speed is perfect

thoughts over life and love

near to my heart

and close to the point

feeling well executed one second

feeling unsure with the next method

at times I just want to grab you

let the Sparks fly as they will

often I have to avert my eyes from you

this well of attraction has a weak seal

easily ripped away by your smile

and hearing your voice

can make me excited and anxious

all in one moment

my mind shows moments of playful banter

losing inhibitions comes next

and affection takes over the scene

then to moments where your want for me

creates the need

no one else will do in these trying times

just me

then even when there is no pain

you reach out to be for comfort

simply being in my presence

creates a smile you’ve longed for

dreaming with my eyes open

maybe I am

for in the silence of this ride

that dream made me a happy man


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