Blinded by Your Eyes

Multiple views and one pair of eyes.  Just because you are seeing does not mean you have sight.  Blindness with your eyes wide open, sun glaring down, colors bright and vibrant. Always basking in the light you see, not realizing how you are in the darkest sea.  Drowning further and further in the deep doubts of self.  See it takes pain to make some one not want to achieve wealth.  I’m not talking about these worldly riches, I mean the fruit of life.  See from where Wisdom and Knowledge live so does Understanding, and love is life.  Pain will always come when you run away from your fears.  Yet success only comes when it’s you who is the feared.  Because of your triumph against the lies, the conquest of your strife, the realization that your light truly shines when you allow it to be bright but on it’s own.  No need to blow your own horn, the trumpets roar for kings and queens while on roses their feet are adorned.  Why must you battle with comparisons, no one but you measures your success by what someone else has done.  Success as everything is about your perception, take in to account, your eyes are not the only way of seeing the blessing.


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