For a Change

There are those times where I wish to vent

spit out all the frustrations of the world and of the people

who dwell within it

whether it be about work, love, the lack there of many different factors

sometimes I too just want to become the benefactor

of someone else’s attention, desire, admiration, and intentions

let me be the subject of their wants and their need

is for my affection

and by affection I do not mean hugs and kisses and physical intimacy

but that emotional affection, that comforting that I was missing

they want to be that person who is there for me through it all

checking on me and making sure that I am good through it all

did I eat today, not too much just one meal

did I get any good sleep, not really just tossed and turned

my mind is like the hamster on the wheel

someone I know brought up a very good point earlier

do people really ever ask you, are you happy?

they may say are you okay, how are you, and what is wrong

the fact of just straight out asking are you happy does not

really show it’s face

I would like that person to ask that question and then dive into the mystery

find out what makes me tick, what would give me that victory

we all desire to be wanted, men and women alike

we all need someone to have our backs, makes us feel peace at night

but when it all is said and done, if no one else is available

or I am not in the mind and hearts of others

I always have you to come back to

spilling my thoughts on paper, my dedicated shelter


2 thoughts on “For a Change

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  1. Indeed, I do agree. Paper and pen are always within grip, catching each drip of emotional tears, the flow and ebb of virtual torrents never too much for a keyboard, the noisyness of paragraphs typed in frustration, maybe longing never quite loud enough to demonstrate the roaring of mind, passion, sentinent.

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