Positive Moves

In the beginning of this I will speak to a myth and then I will speak to the truth.  The myth is that you care for me and you love me truly and deeply, the truth is you love what I have done for you and hope to keep me in your life in regards to that manner.  The less I do for you, the more I am able to be replaced and therefore, the “love” that is had for me goes as well.  This stands as a testament to the betrayal and usage of kindness that already ran rampant and just continues to do so.  My presence was not desired until there was a need that arose and so it was not me that was wanted, it was my pockets that were needed and my empathy that was intended to be preyed upon.  I am used to abuse, I am used to being mistreated and I am used to not being cared about, I just wish you would look in the mirror.  Look at the fact that when I am upset with you, I receive no apology yet you will come back asking for more.  Look at how you talk about affection like it is a game and one that you never actually play.  Look at how you do only react and speak to me intently when you are in need, when you are in trouble, yet decline any offer of my own assistance.  I am sure you ignore how much that means and I am positive you ignore my distance each time.  I attempted to close the door when I left then opened it again to stand by your side in a time of need, then still had many doors shut in my face and still more mistreatment, I will watch you leave and turn my back, let you continue to burn your own bridge.




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