We dance, we play, we sing, we jump

we run, we dive, we slip, we slide

over curves and down in the valley

then back over the hump again

then we twist and try to reach the pinnacle

speaking of the heart

this is where we live, love, laugh, and play

along with we yell, we argue, we cry, we fight

yet through it all like a bungee

we remain tethered somehow

usually bouncing high and dipping very low

to the ground

then springing all the way up

into the clouds

at times the exhilaration is all that keeps up alive

feeling like we are breathing clear

wrapped in the comforting warmth of excitement

and that essential notion of serenity

then other times

clawing with every ounce of our strength

to break free

to leave

to remove ourselves from the ride

no longer wanting the bond

it hurts, it burns

it drains and strains your body to unbearable pain

sometimes takes all willpower abound

to remain sane

but you stay and come right back

putting yourself aside at times

just to please and satisfy

to appease and gratify

we buckle ourselves up and jump with no regard

holding on to our attachments

harder and harder


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