Tap Tap Tap

Knock knock knock

will he answer or will he not

boom boom boom

will I answer, will I turn this lock

barricade the door and turn off the lights

yet at his house it seems I have an invite

I forgot to RSVP

hope he does not consider that rude

to be perfectly honest

this is not an event I really want to do

I was feeling good, healthy, trying to stay optimistic

then it all hit me at once

not only stuck by but watching fall

the ton of bricks

and now here I am

standing in front of G.R.’s door

I guess I could make Anubis proud

Iku happy to see me too

yet all I want is more time

more times to do it right

blessed with abundance so my mistakes seem

less redundant

just want to have an existence

worthy of being called life


One thought on “Tap Tap Tap

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  1. Anubis. Underworld God. Interesting. Proverbial knocking at heaven’s door… I overstand. But I understand the strength you possess to daily go through life, fighting for those things and people you cherish. I know the sentiment of heaviness that feels too real, too unbearable to unclench itself from one’s soul, but if you’re anything, it is a born fighter. A dreamer in a sea of people who’ve long ago forgot faith and dreams. Keep on being you, no matter how it hurts others to see you still believe. Refuse to becompletely jaded.

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