Users and Developers

All robots in this day and age

relationships are more mechanical than emotional

can you attribute to the building fund?

society has joined the same line of business

as the church and wonder why those seats

are not filled

and the same goes for the battle of the sexes

men losing more and more character and dignity

women gaining more and more walls to attachment

there is an overwhelming amount of the same talk

yet it is misconstrued into lack of understanding

men want women for sex

women want men for sex

men want a woman to take care of them

women want a man who will financially take care of them

the truth is

neither side is good right now

as many men are trash there is equally women

being considered cavalier with your body

is now meant to be acceptable if it is what a woman wants

yet still something to frown upon for a man

double standards run rampant and this is the cause

lack of acceptance for emotional attachments

we rather be the shell that gets our basic needs met

monetary need and physical need

than really care about the mental or the heart

when it comes to feelings

you are not to “catch” those

yet I guess it is an acceptable risk if promiscuity

catches something else

at least you are getting what you want

selfishness is the new world mindset

look at the so-called leader of the free world

sorry to inform you

we never were the free world

only the free world in terms of stolen individuals for labor

I digress

show me a young woman who truly understands

how her silence in regards to matters of the heart

yet her boisterous voice when it comes to the pocket

her stresses are purely monetary

yet his stresses are mainly sedentary

cannot give your heart to one who silences theirs

if they only reason you are needed is for your help

individuality is irrelevant

just susceptibility


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